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ˇ°CNC Machineˇ°

ˇ@ˇ@Yu-Jun science and technology management team surpassed 20
years specialized experience, once holds the post of each greatly
well-known machine to examine the responsible, high step technology
special commissioner and management management technical advisor,
provides to you the high quality, the high efficiency service.

ˇ@ˇ@This company because saw to the manufacturing industry market
environment change, the investor regarding purchases the quality, the
precision, the stability which the equipment requests and reliability
more and more is high, no longer is the past ten years ago the
traditional CNC machine equipment can undertake is competent,
therefore the special high salary invitation once held the post of the
examination in the well-known machine factory to guarantee the manager
and technical Gao Chieh manager free the mechanical device which
examined for the investor purchases, to let the investor exempt the
worry not to know how inspect of mechanical device purchase whether did conform to the requirement.

* Checks for the investor, by way of our specialized plan, the suggestion, the consultation, the examination, lets the consumer buy the most suitable product, is our goal.


This company is expert in to the CNC machine business and many services:


  • CNC machine sale.

  • CNC machine peripheral fitting sale, like fourth axis, tongs, clamp, cutting tool ---- and so on.

  • CNC machine laser Pitch Error measure compensates.

  • CNC machine ˇKˇKˇKˇK. measure compensates.

  • CNC machine precision examination and service processing.

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CNC Stand Manufacture Hub Machine Series