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YU-JUN technology will uphold the fine quasi-principle, new order, change the spirit of the development of local resources,
Innovation is the driving force behind business growth, professional, quality, service and timeliness of product competition off the key point.

The company is committed to the implementation to provide customers with the best quality and complete service.

YU-JUN technology in the business philosophy of growing together with customers, hoping to structure a vacuum stage, customers and YU-JUN can full use of their expertise, to create better opportunities to work together to build the competitiveness of the advantages.

Major in sale Europe, America and Japan brand's TURBO PUMP Maintenance services / Parts sales / Medieval trading / Repair kits.


Products continue to develop the registry……

Leybold TMP1000C Repair Kit Leybold TW250S Repair Kit


Leybold TW701 Repair Kit Osaka TG220 Repair Kit

Pfeiffer TMH260(261) Repair Kit Pfeiffer TMH1001 Repair Kit
Pfeiffer TMH1600(1601) Repair Kit Pfeiffer TMH1001 Magnet Bearing
Pfeiffer TMH 1600 Magnet Bearing