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ˇ@ˇ@We were producing Turbo Pump major component (Rotor) eight experiences.Now we were developed Turbo Pump include Leybold TW250S series , Leybold TW701 , Pfeiffer TMH260 series , Pfeiffer TMH261series ,Pfeiffer TMH1600 series , Pfeiffer TMH1001series , Osaka TG450F and Osaka TG220FRWB , Seiko SeikiSTP-A2203 , Seiko Seiki STP-H1000 .Seiko Seiki STP-A1303 , EBARA ET-1600 WSAbout Turbo Pump quality, it's all test by many of Turbo Pump fix factory many year, until now didn't have any problem.


ˇ° We were greeting with joy the same business and fix factory give item sample to test and develop. We also want to make a breakthrough of technology in Taiwan , and we believe ˇ§Abroad factory can do, we also can do bestˇ¨ prevent from abroad factory monopolization the marketplace. We were hold the technology independence and do we best to let customers gains ˇ§cost downˇ¨.

Leybold TW250S PUMP Rotor Leybold TW250S PUMP Shaft

Leybold TW250S PUMP Stator Osaka TG220FRWB Pump

Osaka TG220FRWB Pump Shaft Osaka TG220FRWB Pump Stator
Pfeiffer TMH260(261) Pump Casing Pfeiffer TMH260(261) Pump Rotor

Pfeiffer TMH260(261) Pump Seat Pfeiffer TMH260(261) Pump Stator

Pfeiffer TMH1600 Pump Rotor Pfeiffer TMH1600 Pump Rotor Seat

Pfeiffer TMH1600 Pump Stator

Leybold TW701 PUMP Rotor

Leybold TW701 PUMP Shaft

Leybold TW701 PUMP Stator

Seiko Seiki STP-A2203WAV Shaft Seiko SeikiSTP-A2203WAV ROTOR
Seiko Seiki STP 1303 ROTOR Seiko Seiki STP 1303 Shaft
Osaka TG450F Pump Rotor Pfeiffer TMH1001 Pump Rotor
Pfeiffer TMH1001 Pump Magnet Bearing Pfeiffer TMH1001 Pump Stator
Seiko Seiki STP-H1303C ROTOR Pfeiffer TMH260(261) Repair Kit