Quality of certificated &

The factory registers the license



¡@¡@Yu-Jun science and technology has the formidable research
team, to the reversion project product development, the CNC tool
carrier sale, Five axes process , the turbine blade, The vacuum pump leaf blade processing has many years practical experience, has developed many products, the correlation professions correlation of host including the photoelectricity/semiconductor vacuum equipment
system and manufacture of and sales, the air compressor and reversion
of manufacture the turbine-generator turbine blade the components, and
correlation of profession, this company the machinery is minority has
the result, high tech, the high elasticity, the high efficiency and the low price which the complex curved surface (turbine blade, special aerospace components and vacuum pump leaf blade) five axes processings ability merchant, mainly also is takes to research and develop for a long time is this company biggest competitive ability (4H 1L)

¡@¡@Company according to the customer for as soon as devote in addition
project of conformity consultant firm to the machinery \CAD/CAM\
compound processing, provides the customer from the CNC machine whole
plan, the service consultation, the counselling training to (CAD
computer assistance design) (CAM computer assistance manufacture) and
so on, must provide the different whole solution, by in accordance to
the changeable market tendency.


2¡BService project:¡G

¡´ CNC machine sells ¡´ Turbo Pump Overhaul & Middle Ages business

¡´ Semiconductor/ Optoelectronics / Aerospace/ Medical /Precise Mold Fixture Components

¡´ turbine blade \ vacuum pump leafblade five axes processing
¡´reversion project product development ¡´ Produce Turbo Pump Components

3¡BLiaison way¡G

Business manager: Zhang Chunchih contacts the telephone: 04-8373658
contacts call phone: 0910591176

4¡BRecently three yesrs research & development achievements (Periodical Paper ) list¡G

(1) ¡B Chen-Hua She and Chun-Chi Chang *, 2007, ¡§ Study of Applying Reverse Engineering to Turbine Blade Manufacture ¡¨ , Journal of Mechanical Science and Technology , Vol. 21, No. 10, pp.1580-1584 (SCI) (NSC 96-2221-E-150-076)

(2) ¡BChen-Hua She and Chun-Chi Chang *, 2007, ¡§ Study of Applying Reverse Engineering to Turbine Blade Manufacture ¡¨ pattern technology & the first thesis publication ceremony, p. 305.

(3) ¡B Chen-Hua She and Chun-Chi Chang , 2007, ¡§Study of Applying Reverse Engineering to Turbine Blade Manufacture¡¨, Advances in Materials and Processing Technologies (AMPT) Conference , October 7-11, 2007, Daejeon , Korea (NSC 96-2221-E-150-076)

(4) ¡BYen-Sheng Chenn, Shao-Hsien Chen and Chun-Chih Chang, 2010,
"Comparison of Multispectral Image Processing Techniques to Brain MR
Image Classification Between Fuzzy C-Mean Method and Geodesic Active Contours of Caselles Level Set Method",
2nd International Conference on Computational Collective Intelligence - Technology and Application
November 10-12, 2010 Kaohsiung, Taiwan (Accepted)
Proceeding of ICCCI2009 has been indexed by EI.